Polly Ann Trail

Say hello to...

Our Trail Manager

Linda S. Moran

Since October of 2016, Linda has brought energy, passion and I will get it done attitude to the Polly Ann Trail! You will often see Linda out on the trail in either her big black truck with the Polly Ann Sign in the front dashboard or ATV filling a muskrat hole.

Linda is also responsible for coordinating and facilitating events on the Polly Ann Trail so you will also see her helping a boy scout troop complete a patch, facilitating an event on the trail or feeding the Goats! Linda’s job as our Trail manager is a very diverse one!

If you would like to schedule an appointment with Linda please call (248) 981-1242 or Complete the online contact form.

Our favorite trail manager was selected as the Orion Township Citizen of the Month!

Thank you for all you do Linda! PATMC member and former Orion Township Treasurer Donni Steele with Linda and her Certificate!

Linda’s Very First Interview as our Polly Ann Trail Manager.

Just a few weeks after she was hired in October of 2016.